This page is dedicated to the safety division of the Worbots, the Safety Squad. Our award-winning program strives to make the world a safer place, and we love to share what we have learned with other teams. Feel free to check out our ‘safety resources’ tab and make use of the resources found there.

What exactly do you do here?

We are responsible for the safety of the team, so we work to enforce our mantra of safety FIRST in our shop and out at competitions by requiring each team member to meet certain standards on machines before using them and hosting ‘information nights’ for the team to that they know what to expect at competitions. We promote safety through our actions and training, as well as encourage members to spread safety throughout the community in all forms.

What makes your members qualified?

Each member of the Squad is required to attend a basic shop training and crisis reaction seminar as well as become CPR certified. They are also taught how to use fluid cleanup kits, eye wash stations, battery spill kits and other equipment so that they will be ready to respond in case of emergency.

Where can I find you?

You can find us here, on the Wotbots Instagram page, twitter, and you can email the Squad Captain at And, of course, you can find us in the neon yellow ‘S.S 4145’ vests at competitions. Say Hi! We’re always ready to help

Safety FIRST!

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