Rookie Competition Finale!

This year, in order to get the rookies integrated into our team, we presented them with a challenge in which they had to build a robot to place basketballs into hoops of different heights. They had to have an autonomous period that put a ball into a hoop, a teleop period to give the new members a chance to drive, and only about 4 weeks to build it. With the guidance of our mentors, the rookies did amazing! They were able to program an autonomous period, pick up the basketballs, and score in the different hoops! To celebrate their success, we held our first annual WorBots Pancake Day in which the team seniors made pancakes for everyone! The pancakes were amazing, especially after all of the hard work that was put in! Congratulations to our hardworking rookies! We look forward to your contribution in our upcoming FIRST Deep Space season!

WINNERS at Buckeye Regional

We are the CHAMPIONS! We are extremely excited to announce that we were the Winners of the 2018 Buckeye Regional. We were the Head Alliance Captain of the 4th Seeded Alliance with teams 3314 and 5030, The Mechanical Mustangs and The Second Mouse, respectively. This is the first time our team has won a Regional Event. Because we were awarded a Wild Card at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional, our win generated another Wild Card to be given to Team 379, the Robocats. We won against the 2nd Seeded alliance in the tie-breaker match. It was exhilarating! Thank you so much to everyone who came and was a part of our AWESOME cheering section!

Finalists and Wild Card Recipient at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional

We are ecstatic to announce that we finished as Finalists at the Greater Pittsburgh Regional! We were the Head Alliance Captain of the 5th seeded alliance with teams 5472 and 337, the Stallions and Hard Working Hard Hats, respectively. We were then awarded a Wild Card, which qualified our team to attend the Championship in Detroit, Michigan. This is the first time our team has qualified to attend the Championship in our 7 year history. Our team had so much fun networking with all the other teams and learned a lot! A special thanks to Team 3504, the Girls of Steel, Team 3492, PARTS, and Team 3266, SHARP, for their help and guidance with our business plan and Chairman’s presentation.

Semi-Finalists at Miami Valley Regional





Our team had a great time at the Miami Valley Regional! We finished as semi-finalists and won the Creativity Award for our climbing system. We had a great cheering section and are thankful for everyone’s support. Our robot successfully climbed during every qualification match and we had a great alliance in the playoffs with Team 3010 and Team 4521. A special thanks to our Design Mentor, Bill Grawe, for taking pictures at the competition.

WOW Championship Finalist

 We are extremely excited to announce our 2nd place finish at the WOW Championship! The competition was held at Otterbein University on May 27th. Our team worked very hard this season and it was exciting to see all our hard work and dedication come to fruition. At the end of qualification matches our team was ranked 3rd out of 31 teams and ended up as the Captain of the 2nd Alliance. Thanks to everyone who came to support us, we cannot wait to participate in our second off season event at CORI this June.

2017 Build Season So Far…


Our robot is coming along! We are still fine-tuning all the different mechanisms, but we are excited about how the bot is turning out. So far we have systems to intake and shoot balls, climb the rope, and deposit gears. Yesterday was spent completely readjusting the location of one system, and some members were in the shop until almost 1:00 AM! Needless to say, coffee was passed around this morning. Also pictured above are three students who were tasked with developing a device that can deliver a gear to the airship. It’s a bit difficult to tell whether or not they’re enjoying themselves . . . .