Rookie Competition Finale!

This year, in order to get the rookies integrated into our team, we presented them with a challenge in which they had to build a robot to place basketballs into hoops of different heights. They had to have an autonomous period that put a ball into a hoop, a teleop period to give the new members a chance to drive, and only about 4 weeks to build it. With the guidance of our mentors, the rookies did amazing! They were able to program an autonomous period, pick up the basketballs, and score in the different hoops! To celebrate their success, we held our first annual WorBots Pancake Day in which the team seniors made pancakes for everyone! The pancakes were amazing, especially after all of the hard work that was put in! Congratulations to our hardworking rookies! We look forward to your contribution in our upcoming FIRST Deep Space season!

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