WOW Championship Finalist

 We are extremely excited to announce our 2nd place finish at the WOW Championship! The competition was held at Otterbein University on May 27th. Our team worked very hard this season and it was exciting to see all our hard work and dedication come to fruition. At the end of qualification matches our team was ranked 3rd out of 31 teams and ended up as the Captain of the 2nd Alliance. Thanks to everyone who came to support us, we cannot wait to participate in our second off season event at CORI this June.

2017 Build Season So Far…


Our robot is coming along! We are still fine-tuning all the different mechanisms, but we are excited about how the bot is turning out. So far we have systems to intake and shoot balls, climb the rope, and deposit gears. Yesterday was spent completely readjusting the location of one system, and some members were in the shop until almost 1:00 AM! Needless to say, coffee was passed around this morning. Also pictured above are three students who were tasked with developing a device that can deliver a gear to the airship. It’s a bit difficult to tell whether or not they’re enjoying themselves . . . .

2017 Kickoff and Build Week #1 Update

The team is off to an awesome start so far! Kickoff revealed the exciting 2017 FRC game: STEAMWORKS! Our team immediately began brainstorming solutions to all the challenges within the game. This week has been dedicated to CAD modeling, prototyping, and testing. We’ve seen lots of great ideas and are hopeful that they’ll become realities soon enough. The pictures below show just how eager everyone has been to get working. Go WorBots!



Our Season So Far . . .


Our team has had an extremely successful competition season this spring! We progressed from failing to make it to playoffs at Buckeye to being Finalists at Queen City and States, the latter being hosted at our very own Worthington Kilbourne High School (WKHS). Our experience in Cleveland was met with a lot of disappointment, but it served to motivate the team to do better in Cincinnati, where we placed second on an alliance with FRC teams 4028 and 3324. These competitions were barely two weeks apart, but this improvement displayed the tremendous growth experienced by team members. The Queen City results allowed us to compete in the Ohio State Championship, an event which we were privileged to host at WKHS. Our team served as captain for the second alliance, we chose to compete with FRC teams 5413, 4121, and 4283, and we completed the event as Finalists again! We would like to extend thanks to everyone who competed with us this spring, and we wish good luck to anyone who still has off-season events. We would also like to thank all of the parents, mentors, and students who dedicated their time to our team this year. We’re excited to attend CORI in late June, and we hope to continue improving.